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About Us

About Us


In a world where business interactions are often fleeting, digital and impersonal, Clarion recognises the value in bringing people together to share ideas, discuss industry developments and build relationships in targeted and meaningful ways.

Around the globe, the events that make up Clarion’s defence and security events portfolio are acknowledged as the premier forums for doing business and networking for future growth.


Clarion Defence provide a number of events offering a collaborative space for organisations of all sizes to meet with their customers, partners and decision makers. From senior military personnel seeking the latest developments in advanced weapons platforms, to mid-tier suppliers looking to enrich and expand their supply chains, Our events offer a venue for leading international equipment and services providers of all sizes to converge and collaborate.


The importance of these events cannot be overlooked for the value they inject into one of the UK’s leading industries. The UK defence industry accounts for ten per cent of UK high technology manufacturing, and is the second biggest exporter of defence equipment and services globally, second only to the US. The opportunity for international stakeholders to come together at Clarion’s flagship event, DSEI, based at ExCeL London, provides critical support to maintaining and growing that position.

The economic benefits don’t end there. As a whole, the UK defence industry employs over 300,000 people and generates over £35 billion per year for the UK economy. The industry also works hand-in-hand with the UK armed forces from factory to frontline, ensuring not only that UK troops are equipped with the technologies to keep ahead of their adversaries, but that the UK remains home to the talent, skills and innovation centres that will keep pushing UK Defence PLC as a leading player on the global stage.


Beyond technology, Clarion’s defence and security events also address sub-sectors aligned with defence. From the asymmetric terrorist threat to the natural and humanitarian disasters that threaten life around the globe, Clarion’s events offer those operating in these areas the chance to come together, cross-pollinate ideas and develop networks.

And while technology and equipment displays remain a core element of defence and security exhibitions, it is the conversations and collaboration that take place during Clarion’s award-winning conference programmes, networking events and informal chats in the margins that often add the most value for delegates and attendees.