Medical Innovation 2018 - Prolonged Care


Medical Innovation is the unrivalled forum for healthcare professionals involved with military, humanitarian and emergency care. This two-day conference will deliver a rare opportunity to participate in wide ranging discussions on current academic studies and innovative capabilities within the overarching umbrella of military and remote healthcare.

This year’s conference will focus on ‘Prolonged Care’ and its place in a wide range of scenarios where medical care is delivered in the pre-hospital setting. Informed by recent experiences of the UK Military on Operations, prolonged care is routinely performed by healthcare professionals in a myriad of settings.

The conference will bring together practitioners from across the medical spectrum to discuss and develop the theme of delivering care under conditions of reduced capability and limited resources in locations of increased challenge. It will explore the symbiosis between nursing and medical interventions and present innovative solutions and evolving concepts in the management and care of patients through medicine at the edge.  

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