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  • Interview with Colonel William Monfries

    19-May-2016 by: Colonel William Monfries
    The contemporary operating environment is increasingly complex and connected, so identifying the right training and education solutions is more complex and needs to be better connected. We don't deploy as armies or navies any more, but as joint organisations within whole-of-government and multi-national capabilities. So we need to train like this too, but we don't have the internal expertise to design and deliver highly connected, enterprise-and-beyond learning. We need industry and academia to help and to partner us. And this has to happen in financially constrained times. Read More
  • Interview with Cdr Paul Pine

    19-May-2016 by: Cdr Paul Pine
    Interorganisational Networks (IONs) are vehicles for groups of organisations to work together to solve complex problems or realise joint goals that cannot be achieved on their own. With the Enterprise Approach theme of ITEC 2016 clearly in this space, my presentation will share my recent MSc research into IONs and what actually makes them effective. Read More
  • I see EW Europe's role in the global view as one of promoting key aspects of AOC's strategic goals -- that "tone" that I mentioned earlier -- as this more "holistic" view of EW (EW, spectrum, cyber and information operations) becomes mature.  Three of the four tenets of the AOC’s strategic plan are elements in which EW Europe can clearly play a leadership role in shaping the necessary dialogue, those being advocacy & education, multilateral partnerships, and communications. Read More

    11-May-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood

    What can delegates expect to take away from your session?  

    An understanding of an emerging laser borne threat and that a training aid is readily available to train counter-manoeuvre tactics


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