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  • Sathish AshwinHead of Research & Operations, National Cyber Defence Research Centre

    Security Expert and White-Hat Hacker from India. He is the Head of Research and Operations at National Cyber Defence Research Centre India and works with Deep Identity India pvt, 

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  • Group Captain Chamnan KumsapResearcher, Defence Technology Institute (DTI) Thailand has provided his thoughts about training and simulation.  Read More
  • Group Captain Verachon Pensri is scholar and professional in military, Air Power, Strategy and International Security, Commander and Leadership. Read More
  • Jay Bahlis, Ph.D., P. Eng. is the president of BNH Expert Software. Participated in the training analysis of multiple large scale military projects, assisted dozens of organizations in developing effective and efficient training strategies, and aligning training with missions/goals, evaluated several eLearning technologies, directed research on adult learning theory and managed the design/development of the training analysis tool  Read More
  • Gillian van de Boer-Visschedijk is scientific researcher at the Training and Performance Innovations department at TNO. She graduated cum laude at the University of Twente with a degree in educational science & technology. Since she specializes in the design of training programs with a special interest in serious gaming. She works primarily in the military domain, and in the recent years often on the subject of resilience.  Read More
  • John is the owner and Director of AKRI Limited. He developed the Knowledge Study method whilst working with a variety of business partners and later remodelled it for business use when AKRI was founded in 2005. John was previously the founder and Director of the Applied Knowledge Research Institute working in areas including Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Digital Media. John completed a PhD in 1990. Before specialising in Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, John was head of Microprocessor Engineering at Blackburn College and prior to that worked in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in a teaching role and as an Engineer.  Read More
  • Colonel Hearn has been involved in military training and education for the past ten years, commanding a college, leading a major transformation programme, and currently as a lead on officer leadership and strategy education at the UK Defence Academy. He regular presents at learning and development seminars in the UK and overseas, has authored a book on leadership, and guest lectures for universities in the UK. He has over thirty seven years military experience and was awarded an OBE in 2012 for services to military education and innovation.  Read More
  • In May 2016 Robert Adang was promoted to Commodore and assigned to the European Air Group as Deputy Director, a position that he formally assumed on the 2nd of June 2016.

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  • Lt Cdr Robin is currently serving within the Carrier Strike Capability Delivery Team at Navy Command Headquarters in a Programme Support and Air Engineering coherency role. Using his prior experience, this includes a focus on F-35 in preparation for First of Class Flying Trials on HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH.

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  • Interview with Per Espen Hagen

    01-Jun-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood
    Most of the military community know today's operational AUVs, such as HUGIN and REMUS, mainly as tools for mine countermeasures. That has indeed been the target for much of the development. But in recent years, core technologies from military AUVs have been migrated to civilian applications, and this development has in turn enabled new military roles. A pertinent example is the HISAS synthetic aperture sonar. Developed for reliable detection and classification of modern mines and IEDs, the sensor originally had a limited depth rating of 1000 metres. Civilian applications have now pushed the development of HISAS to a depth rating of 4,500 metres. This opens up possibilities for using this technology in new military roles such as deep-water search and rescue. Read More
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