Erdem AkgünSenior Systems Engineer, Radar Electronic Support and Electronic Attack Systems Engineering Departmant, Aselsan

Erdem Akgün is a senior systems engineer at ASELSAN since 2003 at Radar Electronic Support and Electronic Attack Systems Engineering Departmant. He has graduated as an Electronics Engineer in 2003 and received his MsC degree as an Electromagnetics Engineer in 2006 from Middle East Technical University. He is a leader of a system engineer team at ASELSAN responsible for developing Radar Electronic Support Systems for submarine and surface ship platforms.

UDT Asia 2018

  • You will be speaking at UDT Asia 2018 on the topic of “Special test scenarios and electronic support systems for submarines under real operational condition” – can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

Critical capabilities of ESM Systems for submarine platforms and some special test scenarios developed to verify these capabilities under real operational conditions are the main topics of my speech. These test scenarios are well-designed to increase the efficiency of the test and reduce the test duration. Direction Finding accuracy measurements for ESM Systems and some interesting test results about the effects of hoisted periscopes on ESM System performance will also be covered.


  • What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

There are many different kinds of ESM Systems all over the world designed for many different types of submarines. General information about the capabilities of these ESM Systems will be introduced to the delegates. Besides, critical capabilities that should be verified under real operational conditions will be discussed. Time and cost effective test scenarios applied on Sea-Trials could also be valuable for the delegates.


  • How do you feel the underwater defence and technology has evolved over the last 12 months?

Modern radars are increasing their capabilities each day, Low Probability Intercept (LPI) radars are used more frequently on sea-surface vessels. ESM Systems should also adapt themselves in order to detect and identify these radars.


  • In your opinion, what do you think is the challenge facing Asia’s underwater defence community today?

For crowded waters, submarines should be equipped with modern ESM systems in order to be aware of the threats and satisfy safe submarine operations. Submarines should benefit the high detection ranges of ESM systems in order to detect threat radars from much further distances compared with any other systems on board.


  • Why do you think events such as UDT Asia 2018 are important?

Since, these events are great opportunities to build a social interface, share different opinions with people having similar interests and obtain the up-to-date knowledge on submarine industry.


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