Interview with John Gordon from AKRI

Interview with John Gordon from AKRI


John is the owner and Director of AKRI Limited. He developed the Knowledge Study method whilst working with a variety of business partners and later remodelled it for business use when AKRI was founded in 2005. John was previously the founder and Director of the Applied Knowledge Research Institute working in areas including Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Digital Media. John completed a PhD in 1990. Before specialising in Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence, John was head of Microprocessor Engineering at Blackburn College and prior to that worked in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in a teaching role and as an Engineer. 

You will be speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of ‘Knowledge Study – Better Questions Better Answers’.   Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

I will be talking about the important role of human knowledge in all activities even when seen within a context of a desire to document, record and automate knowledge. I will show that it is possible to methodically study and analyse human expert level knowledge in a way which can support better decision making. Typical outputs from a knowledge study will be demonstrated and discussed. 
There will also be a focus on the way a study is guided and controlled by asking the most useful and potentially rewarding questions. I will try to show that the questions which are asked about human knowledge directly affect the value and utility of the results of a study.
The talk will focus of the use of knowledge study to support decision making and protect, develop and deploy knowledge more effectively. However, I will also show that a well defined method for knowledge study can lead to controlled thinking which can in turn be used to illuminate the areas around very many problems and important concepts.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session?

Whilst possessing knowledge is important, so too is knowing about knowledge. Knowing about one’s own knowledge needs is useful but knowing about the knowledge needs of those you are responsible for is critical. I hope that delegates will see that it is both possible and beneficial to know about the knowledge which people need in order to achieve things.
Delegates will see that knowing about knowledge within this context means being able to critically evaluate the results of a knowledge study and gain access to evidence to help produce and support decision making concerning knowledge and knowledge domains.
The talk is intended to raise the profile of questions and their importance not just in knowledge study but in many other activities. Delegates will see that it is important to place at least as much emphasis of the question as on deriving an answer.
I intend delegates to be in a position to consider using knowledge study to illuminate important knowledge areas and using it as a controlled thinking tool which offers several advantages over some other thinking methods.


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