Interview with Jay Bahlis

Interview with Jay Bahlis


J. (Jay) Bahlis, Ph.D., P. Eng. is the president of BNH Expert Software. Participated in the training analysis of multiple large scale military projects, assisted dozens of organizations in developing effective and efficient training strategies, and aligning training with missions/goals, evaluated several eLearning technologies, directed research on adult learning theory and managed the design/development of the training analysis tool ADVISOR Enterprise. Dr. Bahlis is the author of “Technologies in Distance Learning and Workplace Training” Guide and “From Classroom to Boardroom – Strategies to Maximize Impact of Training” booklet. He holds a Doctorate in Engineering and Applied Mechanics from McGill University. 

You will be speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of “Collaborate to Innovate and Drive Training Efficiency”.   Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

Although the primary intent of training practices, procurement strategies, policies and organizational structure within various military organizations is to identify training requirements, as well as produce and deliver effective training that meets operational needs, they often undermine training efficiency.  The session will highlight specific areas in which training efficiency is being compromised; and present practical simple to implement measures based on real life examples to minimize training duplication, maintain alignment with operational needs, improve personnel and resources allocation, leverage training technologies and continually improve training effectiveness and efficiency.  

 What can delegates expect to take away from your session? 

At the end of the session, delegates should be able to:
    Recognize practices within their own organization that can lead to training inefficiency;
    Assess specific areas for improvement; 
    Implement measures for continually improving training effectiveness and efficiency. 

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