Group Captain Chamnan KumsapResearcher, Defence Technology Institute (DTI) Thailand


Military Simulation Training & Education (MILSIM)

  • You will be speaking at MILSIM 2018 on the topic of “Disaster management simulator system across all military services for HADR activities”? – can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

My colleagues and I have started a research and development project that we are integrating UAV, ICT and military simulation and training technologies to help the Armed Forces Development Command of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters to carry out their missions associated with, among others, prevention and solving disaster problems and humanitarian assistance. It has been imperative among all military services that they make their assets and capacities available at time of national emergencies and disasters. The military simulation and training technology will benefit from the situation-rich data of the UAV. And near real-time communications between front-liners and commanders are improved by mesh technology so that they communicate back and forth amid communication blackout caused by damaged communication infrastructure. Situation awareness can be realized by common operating pictures where current data and information, i.e., rescuer position, geo-location, in situ photos and streamlining videos, are simultaneously updated in the command and control site via the UAV on-board communication system. A military simulation and training engine will play as a theatre where all the data and analysis are displayed in a common view.  We plan to complete the prototype within the next two years and invite the Army, Navy and Air Force to validate the system.


  • What can delegates expect to take away from your session?


The project is dual-use. At least six systems are now welcomed by the Armed Forces Development command and that figure is not to include the number needed by the other three services. And toward the end of the second year, civilian use by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation or DDPM of the Ministry of Interior will be engaged with us as a client. According to DDPM, Thailand was divided into 18 regions for disaster prevention and mitigation. To deal with that, we have to come up with Business Model/Plan Development. Foreign partners are welcomed to invest with us on the project.


  • What do you think are the current issues and challenges in transforming military training?


I believe in peaceful negotiation for conflicts that might lead to armed solutions. Common concept and belief as a community just like AEC will keep ASEAN away from large-scale conflicts. What remains an issue and challenge is how the military from various nations becomes united in fighting with such common enemies as disasters, terrorism or cybercrimes. I think to really understand how different nations might encounter a common enemy will truly transform how the military training will be conducted. And towards that end, there comes the simulation and simulator technology.


  • In your opinion, what do you think will be the future priority in military trainings?


In an era of internet of things, we stay open in order to gain more, keep ourselves connected to access other useful resources, and avail friends and allies with our assistance and gratitude. We should unite our resources in order to dedicate such abundance to those in need due to whatever causes such an emergency. The future priority in military trainings should be focused on uniting and readying the military resources for humanitarian assistance.


  • Why do you think events such as MILSIM are important?

I developed the project in the midst of unknowns. The 2017 MILSIM that I attended leads me to mutually productive friendships with other attendees. I won’t be able to discuss my project with people in common background of belief in military trainings if not for an event like MILSIM. We can give and take away in so many ways such as starting up collaboration, join-venturing multi-national projects, or even exchanging email addresses for future issues and challenges.


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