Interview with Gillian Van De Boer-Visschedijk from TNO

Interview with Gillian Van De Boer-Visschedijk from TNO


Gillian van de Boer-Visschedijk is scientific researcher at the Training and Performance Innovations department at TNO. She graduated cum laude at the University of Twente with a degree in educational science & technology. Since she specializes in the design of training programs with a special interest in serious gaming. She works primarily in the military domain, and in the recent years often on the subject of resilience. 

You will be speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of  â€˜Stress induction with serious games and simulations’.  Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

Do you like to design your own stressful game? Join the workshop on stress induction with serious games and simulations. Serious games and simulations provide some promising techniques that can be used for resilience training programs. In the workshop you will design a new resilience training concept based on the Stress Design Framework. This framework is made up of the following three dimensions: 
1.    Why: learning goals
2.    What: military stressors
3.    How: gaming and simulation techniques. 

In the workshop we use a hands-on toolbox that facilitates your design process in a playful way. The Stress Design Toolbox basically is a brainstorming game consisting of a playboard and a card set representing all the possible learning goals, military stressors and gaming and simulation techniques. The playboard helps organize related concepts and several game rounds guide the user through important design considerations. The game results in a resilience training concept description, design sketch and card structure of its learning goals, stressors and techniques.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session? 

Along with your own new idea of a new resilience training concept, you have learned the underlying elements of the Stress Design Framework. With that knowledge you can look at existing training programs and stress games in your own organization and find the gaps. And maybe you are inspired to alter existing programs or develop new training concepts. Doing so, military personnel can be provided with a much broader variety of resilience training programs, and thus be better prepared to deal with stressful situations they will face during missions. 

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