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  • Cyclope Hypervisor Streamlines Security Sensor Management over Multiple Critical Sites

    18-Dec-2015 by: Gildas Chauvel, HGH Systèmes Infrarouges, Marketing Manager, HGH Systèmes Infrarouges, Marketing Manager
    HGH Infrared Systems has introduced a new feature to accompany their advanced intrusion detection and tracking software, Cyclope, with the addition of Hypervisor.
  • CHARTER GLOBAL announce the launch of the first ever SR5 Security Rated Shutter

    25-Nov-2015 by: Aaron Dixon, Charter Global ltd, I51, Charter Global ltd, I51
    For over 10 years, Charter Global Ltd have been supplying specialist security shutters to prestige residential developments, commercial properties, retail premises, buildings requiring high levels of security, in high risk locations, and critical infrastructure sectors. Charter Global also supply bespoke security shutters for specialist applications, working with clients to develop specific products to resist specific evolving attack methodology, tool capability and risk status. Charter Global products have the following accreditations: LPCB Approved, APCO Secured by Design, UVDB Supplier, SMAS, SSIP, Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme and Safecontractor Accreditation.
  • RUD

    01-Oct-2015 by: Alan Walton, Rud Chains Ltd, Project Manager, Rud Chains Ltd, Project Manager
    As a division of the RUD-Group, RUD chains Ltd are experts in providing standard and specialist applications for the Armed Forces Worldwide ranging from lifting and load securing equipment to snow and traction chains. RUD know that only the best is good enough for our soldiers in the field which is why they pride themselves in their well established brand name RUD which stands for quality, Innovation and know how, ‘Tradition in  Dynamic Innovation’ is their valued brand group slogan.a
  • Nema Ltd Develops High Speed Motor Generator

    01-Sep-2015 by: Stephen Laycock, NEMA Ltd, Business Development Manager, NEMA Ltd, Business Development Manager
    Nema Ltd’s engineers have been working on a project to develop a high speed motor generator to work in conjunction with a miniature gas turbine. The unit is to be used as a starter motor to start the turbine and then when up to speed switch over to become a 12 KVA generator.
  • Hypoxia Sensors Integrated For Military Pilot Oxygen Systems

    01-Sep-2015 by: Alison Dean, Cobham plc, Group MarComms Director, Cobham plc, Group MarComms Director
    Cobham to develop life support system able to predict and prevent hypoxic symptoms.
  • Thermoteknix Launch FuseIR – Fused Night Vision

    12-Aug-2015 by: Romana Kandziora, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd, Marketing & PR Coordinator, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd, Marketing & PR Coordinator
    FuseIR Fused Night Vision for modern combat requiring operation conditions beyond the capabilities of separate I2 and thermal imaging devices – in full daylight, complete cloud coverage, heavy forest/jungle, inside buildings, in fog/smoke, brightly lit urban environments where I2 blooming can occur, or through glass which is opaque to thermal imaging.
  • SATA Solution That Goes Beyond COTS

    28-Jul-2015 by: Roberta Rebora, Smiths Connectors - Hypertac Ltd, VP Marcom, Smiths Connectors - Hypertac Ltd, VP Marcom
    Smiths Connectors unveils innovative Nebula Connector Series for High Reliability SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) Applications which extends well beyond the capabilities of current commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings.
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