Upturn in undersea market sees a 15% increase in conference delegates

Upturn in undersea market sees a 15% increase in conference delegates


With the growth that the underwater defence sector has seen of late and the rapid increase in the number of nations planning to expend resources in this area, UDT 2016 having taken place 1-3 June in Oslo has again proven itself to be the premier global meeting place for undersea professionals, showcasing the vibrancy of this market. The significance of the show and the content discussed was noted by attendees with Øystein Bø, State Secretary for Ministry of Defence, Norway saying “Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) is the underwater defence and security community's most relevant yearly exhibition and conference. It brings together professionals from the military, industry and academia to focus on the new technologies and developments within the underwater domain. I am proud that this year`s event is arranged here in Norway.”

With the rise in Asia’s attention in delivering on security in the underwater environment, it is notable that in the last year, countries within the Euro-Atlantic area have embarked on complex underwater programmes. Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Canada and the U.K. are among the most prominent with, in some cases, substantial resources already being committed. With this in mind UDT is the most comprehensive and interactive conference in its field, designed to bring together senior naval officials, industry and R&D departments to discuss current and future operational needs and move forward their undersea defence and security strategies. In particular, this year the discussion focused on the overall theme Balancing Capability through Balanced Investment. With a theme that resonated with the entire audience it’s no wonder that 93% of visitors consider UDT Global as important to attend for their business.

“UDT is a very important milestone in our exhibition calendar. An excellent opportunity for networking and resonating presentations” said Martin Atanassov, Director of Marketing at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co.KG so it’s not surprising that 60% of exhibitors say they have met prospects at UDT 2016 that are likely to become clients. It is this opportunity and market buoyancy that is driving such rapid growth for UDT, something that is already being seen for the 2017 show.

The quality of content and variance of topics covered made for a truly thought-provoking event, with focus not just on current capability, but also on future developments and the creation, and potential utilisation, of disruptive technology. The day 1 opening keynote Øystein Bø, State Secretary for Ministry of Defence, Norway provided insight into a number of topics. He used the opportunity to talk about strategic developments in the High North and the North Atlantic and implications for the Alliance, whilst also touching on the Norwegian Defence Industry Strategy and the role of the defence industry in driving technological innovation forward.  He said “We need to revitalise the notion of collective defence in our maritime domain. My point of departure is that the strategic environment is changing. We are entering a new normal.” This certainly proved to be a powerful and thought-provoking start to the conference that set the tone for the overarching theme of Balancing Capability through Balanced Investment.

The plenary discussion on day two was dedicated to Autonomous and Unmanned systems in the underwater domain, touching on why and how technology needed to be integrated into concepts of operations (CONOPS) that deviate from the existing warfare paradigms in order to be disruptive. Day three took a creative look at the future of the industry with Science Fact and Fiction which provided the audience with a chance to look at technology developments both current and imagined. With such stimulating content it is easy to see why there was over a strong increase in conference delegates for 2016, compared to 2015. With remarks typical to those of Jeroen de Jonge, Director Naval Programs, TNO Defence, Safety and Security saying “Excellent event [that was] well led, good speakers and inspiring discussions. Excellent networking event for undersea experts.”

UDT Event Manager Lewis Haley said “With the size of the show floor having increased by over 20% in 2016 compared to 2015 there were high expectations placed on the show delivery, something that we can confidently say was achieved, demonstrated by the fact that 62% of floor space was rebooked directly on site. With the increase in market buoyancy we expect to see the event maintaining growth and to continue to be seen as the global meeting place for undersea professionals. This increase in market interest was reflected in the strong conference programme and a 15% increase in delegates, highlighting the value that is placed on both the content and the exhibition at UDT.”

With three quarters of visitors already pledging in the post event survey to return in 2017, the 29th edition in Bremen, Germany from 30 May - 1 June 2017 will continue to build on the success of UDT 2016.




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