Interface Concept at the forefront in rugged product design

Interface Concept at the forefront in rugged product design


To maximize the processing power in one slot of a VPX chassis while controlling costs, Interface Concept has developed coupled fluid and thermal simulation models.
These digital models have been assessed by experimentation. They are systematically
used during design phase of the products.


Simulations tools allow computing with good precision internal temperature of the components. Moreover, they provide reliable improvement indications when changing design assumptions. It helps engineers in defining the best cost effective solutions for component placement, thermal interface design (pads, gap fillers, compound…) and heat sink design.These simulations allow the design of products able to sustain the long thermal cycle tests beyond the standards and requested by demanding customers.

Interface Concept continually develops digital and experimental tools in thermal and
mechanical fields. These developments provide maximum performance and reliability to our products while they are used in harsh environments.


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