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  • Saab Develops Underwater Anti-IED Robot

    17-May-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood
    Defence and security company Saab presented its remotely operated
    vehicle (ROV), Sea Wasp, at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition
    in National Harbor, Maryland. Sea Wasp, which relocates, identifies and
    neutralizes underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs), is designed to
    combat below-the-surface terrorism.
  • New dawn for helicopter modelling

    17-May-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood

     j2’s Universal Tool‐Kit creates a unique modelling environment that enables old and new data to be merged to produce a complete aircraft/helicopter model.  

  • Benefiting from our IOSONO audio processor for immersive sound experiences, Barco brings the same high fidelity to audio for simulation systems as we do for visualization – something that has been long neglected, until now. A fully integrated audio and visual demonstration will showcase what audio − as it is meant to be heard − can mean for any training environment – and the tremendous added value Barco brings.
  • BMT Unveils Next Generation Training Solution

    17-May-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood

    Designed to work across the full spectrum of military domains including land, air and sea, BMT Engage can support existing and new digital training scenarios due to its open and modular design. This in turn can present a more modern, flexible and efficient training experience for military personnel now and into the future.

  • Global projection technology leader Barco proudly introduces a new family of professional solid-state projectors to the simulation market. This new family of laser-phosphor projectors will exist alongside our successful LED range, perfectly answering the market’s need for operational simplicity, superior image quality, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The F90 − the first projector to be launched in this family − boasts up to 13,000 lumens and up to 4K UHD resolution, setting new standards in terms of brightness and image quality.
  • BMT Unveils Next Generation Training Solution

    13-May-2016 by: Johanna Probert, BMT Defence Services Ltd, , BMT Defence Services Ltd,
    BMT Defence Services (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has unveiled its immersive Virtual Reality (VR) training platform, Engage, at this year’s ITEC conference at London’s ExCeL Centre. 
  • For almost 20 years now, Reiser Simulation and Training has been providing pilots and technicians with simulation products, systems and training to sharpen their flying skills and enhance their safety while on real-world missions. In 2014, the company started construction of its first FFS. As the quality of the projection system is critical to a professional FFS, Reiser extensively trialed a series of projection solutions. The pilots and trainers unanimously chose Barco’s FS35 IR projectors on account of their very realistic performance, also when using Night Vision Goggles (NVGs).

  • Global visualization leader Barco announced that Reiser Simulation and Training will equip its Full-Flight Simulator (FFS) for 4-tonne class helicopters with Barco FS35 IR projectors. Reiser selected the FS35 IR LED solution, which will be installed by project:syntropy. The planned FFS will be used for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) training, primarily in civil urban traffic environments and in offshore scenarios around Germany.
  • Unique software halves flight matching effort

    11-May-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood

    j2 Universal Tool‐Kit software can halve flight matching time for some of the toughest tests according to j2 Aircraft Dynamics.

    Using the j2 Universal Tool‐Kit, a major global simulator manufacturer has been able to outperform even its highest expectations in matching simulator models to flight test data.   The software developed by UK‐based j2 Aircraft Dynamics initially demonstrated significant savings on a trial project and has been adopted to be used for the complete RC‐135 Pilot Training Simulator.

  • D-BOX and RT Dynamics are making the virtual training community able to easily build simulators to augment training transfer. Hardware-software pre-integrations are making life easier for all integrators.
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