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  • Suwanee, GA – Meggitt Training Systems will highlight its FATS® 100MIL (previously called the 100e) at ITEC 2017 on stand 43 in Rotterdam from May 16-18, 2017. Leveraging key features from the US Army Engagement Skills Trainer II program of record, the FATS 100MIL delivers a significant expansion in virtual small-arms training capability. Company representatives will be available for demonstrations of the export-ready product during the show.

  • Emmen, Switzerland, 08 March 2017. The RUAG Aviation CAST-easy (Countermeasure
    Advanced System Test Equipment) chaff and flare simulator solution is marking a
    milestone, twice over. The self-protection test equipment has successfully qualified for
    flight on the Tornado jet platform, as confirmed by partner Airbus Defence & Space. This
    success allowed RUAG Aviation to secure a significant mandate for CAST-easy from the
    Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support
    (BAAINBw) for use with the Tornado fleet operated by the German Bundeswehr. CAST-easy is an unique, economical and reusable testing solution specifically designed to allow for safer testing of chaff and flare dispenser deployment, relying on electronics instead of
  • The demand for high-frequency connectors suitable for working frequencies up to 18 GHz as well as an advanced level of fibre optic signal transmission is significantly increasing. One of GISMA key competences is hybrid connectors and pressure hull penetrators that combine various contact types in one connector. 
  • KBC Networks Announces Upgrades to its Wireless Ethernet Range

    04-Dec-2016 by: Hazel Sturgess, KBC Networks Ltd., Marketing Manager, KBC Networks Ltd., Marketing Manager
    With promises to increase product flexibility and throughput, at the same time as reducing cost, KBC has launched the WES3 wireless Ethernet series.
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations, (BISim), a global developer of military training and simulation software, announced that VBS3 v3.9.1 is now available for customers to download. The latest version of VBS3 includes a range of new features, content, updates and bug fixes. Download the latest version of VBS3 here.
  • Intel Capital invests $60M+ in leading drone maker Yuneec

    03-Aug-2016 by: Paul Arthy, Yuneec UK, Office Manager, Yuneec UK, Office Manager
    Intel Capital has invested more than $60 million in Yuneec Holding Ltd. (“Yuneec”), a worldwide leader in electric aviation.
  • DONEYuneec's newest member to the Typhoon family delivers professional features at a prosumer price

    03-Aug-2016 by: Paul Arthy, Yuneec UK, Office Manager, Yuneec UK, Office Manager
    Yuneec International, the world leader in electric aviation, is expanding its Typhoon series with the unveiling of the Typhoon H, a new category of drone for the enthusiast. Driven by customer demand for a more sophisticated drone, the Typhoon H delivers capabilities previously only found in high-end professional drones at a consumer price. The Typhoon H is equipped with six rotors, a 360-degree gimbal camera and retractable landing gear, with Yuneec’s standard of being ready, easy and safe to fly.
  • Darkness adaptation meter helps investigators to maximise crime scene searches

    03-Aug-2016 by: Mark England, Foster + Freeman, 1-F42, Foster + Freeman, 1-F42
    Locating fluorescent evidence at a crime scene doesn't just require a good light source and goggles; it also relies on the perception of the investigator. But on entering a darkened crime scene we’re likely to miss evidence unless we allow time for our eyes to adapt. How long does dark adaptation take and how do we know when we've achieved it?
  • Foster+Freeman announce further innovations in fingerprint detection

    03-Aug-2016 by: Mark England, Foster + Freeman, 1-F42, Foster + Freeman, 1-F42
    Novel fingerprint dusting powders developed by Foster + Freeman are proving to have successful applications where existing treatments produce less than adequate results.
  • New Era for Smart Drones That Can See

    03-Aug-2016 by: Paul Arthy, Yuneec UK, Office Manager, Yuneec UK, Office Manager
    Computer vision brings collision avoidance, new level of autonomous capabilities to Yuneec’s Typhoon H, the first personal unmanned aerial vehicle powered by Intel RealSense camera technology
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