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  • Interview with Colonel Garry Hearn OBE

    14-Feb-2017 by: Colonel Garry Hearn OBE

    Speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of  ‘New Problems, Old Theories, New Solutions: The need to think more imaginatively’

  • Interview with Major Jan Vandamme

    14-Feb-2017 by: Major Jan Vandamme
    Speaking at ITEC 2017 on the topic of  "With a little help from my friends'…Starting up a budget friendly Sim Center in Belgium"
  • Interview with Per Espen Hagen

    01-Jun-2016 by: Jonathan Arrowood
    Most of the military community know today's operational AUVs, such as HUGIN and REMUS, mainly as tools for mine countermeasures. That has indeed been the target for much of the development. But in recent years, core technologies from military AUVs have been migrated to civilian applications, and this development has in turn enabled new military roles. A pertinent example is the HISAS synthetic aperture sonar. Developed for reliable detection and classification of modern mines and IEDs, the sensor originally had a limited depth rating of 1000 metres. Civilian applications have now pushed the development of HISAS to a depth rating of 4,500 metres. This opens up possibilities for using this technology in new military roles such as deep-water search and rescue.
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  • Intel Capital invests $60M+ in leading drone maker Yuneec

    03-Aug-2016 by: Paul Arthy, Yuneec UK, Office Manager, Yuneec UK, Office Manager
    Intel Capital has invested more than $60 million in Yuneec Holding Ltd. (“Yuneec”), a worldwide leader in electric aviation.
  • Cella Energy

    05-Jul-2016 by: Stephen Bennington, Cella Energy, Managing Director, Cella Energy, Managing Director
    Cella Energy is an advanced materials and technologies company that has developed a safe hydrogen storage material that is low-cost when manufactured in bulk. It has used these materials to create lightweight, high-performance electrical power supplies for use in applications in sectors ranging from aerospace to automotive.
  • Endeavor Robotics the Industry’s Leading Ground Robot Company Goes Private to Capitalize on Emerging Opportunities

    04-Jul-2016 by: Jonathan Lesser, Endeavor Robotics (FKA iRobot Defense & Security), Sr. Marketing Manager, Endeavor Robotics (FKA iRobot Defense & Security), Sr. Marketing Manager
    Endeavor Robotics, a privately-held, U.S.-based ground robotics company focused on the defense, public safety and industrial markets, has officially launched operations as an independent company. Endeavor Robotics, formerly iRobot’s Defense and Security Business Unit, was formed with financial backing from Arlington Capital Partners, to capitalize on emerging market opportunities in the defense ground robotics space. The new company will continue to serve its defense, public safety, and industrial customers while aggressively pursuing growth opportunities.
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